DRAFT Minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting of Cornworthy Parish Council held

In St Peter’s Church on Monday 20th February   at 8.00pm


Present: Cllr Kirkland (Chair), Cllr Bradley (Vice Chair), Cllr Hunt, Cllr Bailey, Cllr Ronson and Cllr Hubbard, were present as was C Campos Parish Clerk.


Open Forum

 The Chairman explained that this was an extraordinary council meeting and that once it has started members of the public could listen to the discussion but would not be able to contribute  to it unless asked   a question by a Councillor. A representative from the Village Hall Committee gave an outline of the Village Halls application for an ACRE Jubilee Fund Grant to improve the heating and Ventilation in the Hall. They have been asked to document how they have been supported by the Parish Council.

1.       Apologies for Absence – None

Cllr Hubbard stated that the issue was not whether the Parish Council supports the Village Halls bid but how they demonstrate that support. Cllr Kirkland stated that the Parish Council does support the application and is happy to do so in a letter if needed but wanted an update on the Councils Financial situation which he requested from the Clerk.  She reported that the reserves account has a balance of £8442 and explained that it is generally recommend that a Parish Council always keeps between  3-12 month of its annual expenditure in reserves. 2023/24 Expenditure is projected £9400.  The Council’s other working account currently has a balance of £7320. But with already committed expenditure of £2688 by 31st March the balance will be £4632. In addition, because the council voted not to increase this year’s precept there is a shortfall of £1,000 to also come out of that account. Cllr Kirkland explained that given this situation the Council was not in a position to commit large sums of money. He also mentioned that outline planning permission is being sought for a new Village Hall which will cost approx. £700 and that a similar sum would be given to the old Village Hall. Cllr Bradley said this suggestion demonstrated that the Council was treating both parties equally and was impartial. Cllr Hubbard felt it was important to maintain and preserve the present Hall as even if a new Hall could be built it would not be instantaneous, so the existing hall will still be needed and treating both parties equally felt imbalanced to him. Cllr Hunt felt the proposed improvements in the bid only partially addressed the Halls issues with damp and mould which he felt deterred many residents from using it. Cllr Bradley reminded everyone that at a meeting to discuss the future of the Hall it was agreed to put the option of a new hall to the Village at some point so the Council is obliged to support both options in an equal way.  Cllr Hubbard said that he saw an issue with the fact that the Village Hall has a Committee  whereas the new Hall does not. Therefore, was it appropriate for a group to be  formed to oversee the new village hall which was separate from the Council? Cllr Hunt replied that such a group exists and he hoped to make a presentation on this at a future meeting as a great deal of work has been done. Cllr Kirkland said that only if outline planning permission were to be  granted could the proposal of new Village Hall progress.  He then proposed that the Council does table its support for the Village Hall’s ARCE Jubilee Fund application and this was agreed unanimously.  Cllr Kirkland said that when the Council has the cost of getting outline Planning Permission for the new Village Hall – the Village Hall Committee will receive the same amount but that the Council could not afford to give the £5000 suggested by the Village Hall Committee to support the application. Cllr Hubbard said he felt that the Council should give an indication of the level of financial support the Council could offer the grant application. Cllr Kirkland reiterated the Council’s support for the application and closed the meeting.


The next Parish Council Meeting is on Monday 13th March 2023 at 8.00pm