DRAFT Minutes of the Monthly Meeting of Cornworthy Parish Council held
In St Peter’s Church on Monday 9 th January at 8.00pm

Present: Cllr Kirkland (Chair), Cllr Bradley (Vice Chair), Cllr Hunt, Cllr Bailey, Cllr Ronson, Cllr Hubbard,

Hawkins (DCC) and Cllr McKay (SHDC) were present as was C Campos Temporary Parish Clerk.

Open Forum
A resident expressed their concern over the state of some of the Councils Assets namely benches, a broken
sign on the Farm Wall, mossy pavements and the general state of the village. A discussion ensued as some
issues were formerly District and County Council responsibilities. The Chairman requested that the resident
supplied a list of issues that could be put on the next CPC meeting agenda to be discussed and resolved. Cllr
McKay mentioned that other parishes are experiencing similar issues and that he would keep CPC informed
if there was anything SHDC could do to assist with this. They also queried what has happened to the Jubilee
Mugs and the Chairman confirmed that they have been distributed to all the children in the Parish
1 Apologies were received from Cllr Worthington

  1. Declarations of Councillor’s Interests None
  2. Approval of Minutes
    The Minutes of the Meeting of CPC held on Monday 13 th November 2022 were approved
  3. Matters Arising from the Minutes
  4. Local Issue
    Mark Hubbard put himself forward to join Cornworthy Parish Council and was accepted
    Cathy Campos who has served as temporary Parish Clerk since October was formally appointed as Parish
    Queries about the location of the CPC minutes on the website and the DCC Locality Fund were answered
  5. Devon County Council Highways
    Resurfacing work from the Church from Furze Hill still due to take place 20/2/23-3/3/23 Cllr
    Hawkins to monitor
  6. Planning

Retrospective extension to garden accommodation building 1 Jaspers Cottages
Cornworthy Totnes TQ9 7EX
Concerns were raised about several aspects of this application it was agreed that the
Clerk would comment on this application on behalf of CPC and include those comments
with an objection. However, it now transpires SHDC approved this application on

  1. Eco Green Community Dog and Litter Solutions
    It was felt there is an issue with dog fouling but that this scheme was too expensive. CPC will
    purchase dispensers and bags in the hope of improving this situation. Suitable locations and costs to
    be presented at the next CPC meeting.
  2. Representative for Dart Estuary Forum – Cllr David Bailey will represent CPC
  1. Representative for Dart Harbour Communities Group – Cllr David Bailey will represent CPC
  2. Cornworthy Parish Council Diversity Policy – Cllr Mark Hubbard will look at the sample policy from
    Birstall Council and adapt it for CPC. It will be brought back for adoption at the next meeting.
  3. To discuss Precept and Budget for 2023/24 It was agreed in the current economic climate it would
    be inappropriate to increase the Parish Council Precept, however due to an increase in the number
    of homes in the Parish the Parish Council is due an additional £436.50 meaning this year’s precept
    will be £7936.50. With second homes being charged double Council Tax from 2024 Cllr Hawkins
    confirmed a proportion of this would be passed on to Parish Councils
  4. Local measures for gritting the Parishes roads and the appointment of a Snow Warden
    The DCC gritting route only goes as far as the Abbey having been withdrawn from the village. This
    was because the lorry was unable to pass through the village due to inconsiderate parking,
    therefore the village has to rely on the services of a Snow Warden to grit the roads. CPC has a hand
    towed gritter. Cllr Hunt is the villages Snow Warden and with the help of four volunteers gritted the
    roads during the last cold snap. However, some villagers independently tried to grit the roads and
    used much too much grit, which when it gets into the drains, is toxic wild life and plants. Cllr Hunt
    will be standing down so the post will be advertised in the next edition of the Parish Magazine. Cllr
    Hawkins asked if the bins needed topping up, Cllr Hunt said they did but also the remaining grit has
    solidified and needs to be emptied out. There is currently no grit bin in Allaleigh so CPC will either
    obtain one from DCC or purchase one if this is not possible. Cllr McKay raised the possibility of
    neighbouring Parish councils sharing equipment such as a motor towed gritter. Cllr Hubbard to
  5. Finance
    14.1 Receipts
    Lloyds Bank Interest £1.93
    14.2 Payments
    To authorise the following payments:
     C Campos December Salary £200
     HMRC December PAYE £86.80
     Clerks Expenses Oct/Nov/Dec £172.77
     Use of Church for CPC meeting 12/12 £35
     Cost of Laptop Reset £129
     Back pay for former Clerk A Thom £63.61
     Bugford Nursery for Christmas tree £80
     Kelvin Gitsham Electrical sockets for the playing field £197.53

12.3 Financial Report
Cashbook Balance £16647.80
Allocated reserves £ 8434.16
General Fund £ 9751.47
Total £17,576.95
a Clerk – No action needed
b Tree Warden – No Report
c Defibrillators – Cllr Kirkland reported that these are all working, although during the cold snap they
showed a fault but could still be used.

d Volunteer Emergency Telephone System – Cllr Ronson reported that we are still waiting for our Vets
number but now CHT has confirmed they have received payment this should be forthcoming. She also
noted the Parish magazine has stopped listing the locations of Defibs in East Cornworthy and Allaleigh
e Village Hall – None received
f Climate Change – None received
g Coronation Working Group -Cllr Ronson and Bailey reported that there have already been two meetings
with lots of ideas and plans. To date there does not seem to be any available grant funding. However,
deposits to book entertainment and amenities will shortly be due. Therefore the Parish Council voted to
make £1500 available to support the Coronation Celebrations.
g South Hams District Council Councillor – Cllr McKay reported that SHDC has received several grants
which will help balance their books and help with numerous projects to support farming, agriculture, active
travel and de carbonisation. Ridge Lane site enforcement is still on going. Also, the removal of trees at
Higher Venice is a concern.
h Devon County Councillor – Cllr Hawkins mentioned that CPC could be eligible for a grant from the
Highway Enhancement Fund. The Dartmouth Youth Group has resumed activities which are all free and
youngsters from the Parish are eligible to attend them. The Dartmouth Health and Wellbeing Centre is due
to open March or April. Dartmouth Food Bank is open up at the Townstal Community Hall with no referrals
necessary. Also, a limited number of Electric blankets and Oodies are available to those in need.
14.Items for December Agenda
Highway Enhancement Fund through DCC
Gritting Bin for Allaleigh and fresh grit for parish bins
Towable Gritter trailer
New Snow warden Update
Upkeep of the Village and its assets

  1. Current SHDC enforcement cases
    Lower Washbourne Farm

The next Parish Council Meeting is on Monday 13 th February 2022 at 8.00pm

100 Club Draw

December Draw   1st  108    2nd 46   3rd  18
Christmas Draw  1st  94       2nd  139     3rd  91
January Draw     1st  32     2nd  48   3rd  134