DRAFT Minutes of the Monthly Meeting of Cornworthy Parish Council held
In St Peter’s Church on Monday 14 th November at 8.00pm


DRAFT Minutes of the Monthly Meeting of Cornworthy Parish Council held
In St Peter’s Church on Monday 14 th November at 8.00pm

Present: Cllr Kirkland (Chair), Cllr Bradley (Vice Chair), Cllr Hunt, Cllr Bailey, Cllr Ronson, Cllr Worthington
and Cllr McKay SHDC were present as was C. Campos Temporary Parish Clerk.

Open Forum
A resident representing the Village Hall enquired about accessing the DCC Localities Fund which CPC
recently applied for. In the light of this discussion was agreed to move the item pertaining to the Village
Hall to the top of the agenda

1 Apologies were received from Cllr Hawkins DCC

  1. Declarations of Councillor’s Interests – Several Cllrs declared an interest in the Planning
    Application 2930/22/FUL
  2. Approval of Minutes
    The Minutes of the Meeting of CPC held on Monday 3 rd October 2022 were approved
  3. Village Hall
    Cllr Kirkland explained that the Council wanted to use the Localities Fund to look into a new village
    hall as the Village Hall Committee had indicated that they were not in a position to do this. He said
    that once the viability of new hall was established both parties could put their case at an open
    public meeting which would be followed by an independent postal vote. Cllr Kirkland then asked
    the meeting if there were any other suggestions for using this funding. None were given Cllr Hunt
    then proposed that CPC use the funding to investigate a new village hall Cllr Bradley seconded and
    the vote was unanimous.
  4. Matters Arising from the Minutes
    5.1Upper Willow Way
    DCC has declined to downgrade Willow Way to a bridleway but suggested CPC put up their own
    signage warning of pedestrians once proposed resurfacing is complete.
    5.2 Sharing composting facilities with Ashprington
    The Ash Meadow facility at Ashprington feels it does not have the capacity to accommodate
    Cornworthy composting
    5.3 Brown Bin Collection Volunteers from Ashprington will empty Brown bin on 4 th December this
    to be publicised around the village and on Facebook
  5. Christmas Tree – now ordered and to be delivered on 1 st December. Lights to be switched on
    Saturday 3 rd at 4.00pm by Cllr Hawkins. Cllr Kirkland to organise the Choir and Bellringer
  6. Local Issues
    7.1 Correspondence to Action
    Coronation Celebration Working Group Cllr Bailey and Cllr Ronson to attend on Tuesday 6 th at 6.00pm
    at the Hunters Lodge and report back at the next Council meeting
    Diversity policy for CPC to be discussed and agreed at the December meeting
    Zurich insurance is reorganising internally after Brexit not changes for CPC

A resident’s concern regarding CPC meetings not being held in the parish hall was noted
Western Power Residents Survey has been received
Cornworthy Football Club Air Ambulance Night landing site looking for contact resolved
7.2 Location of Community Policing Hub This will be Blackness Marina with Becky Fry as the emergency
contact. Cllr Kirkland has informed Sgt Abercrombie
7.3 A new directional sign at Cornworthy Cross is now installed with thanks to Cllr Hunt
7.4 Jubilee stone will be painted when the weather is better
7.5 Metal signage for dogs being kept on leads being placed on speed signs around the village.

  1. Devon County Council Highways
    Resurfacing work on Alexandra place 5-16 December
    DCC will not implement further safety measures at Upper Washbourne Lane
  2. Planning
    a. New Planning Applications
    Reference: 2930/22/FUL
    Proposal: Conversion of an existing agricultural building to a residential dwelling (approved under
    class Q 0936/20/PDM) to include alterations to the external appearance, extension to
    the curtilage & provision of a garage
    Site Address: Barn At Sx 825 552 Cornworthy
  3. Eco Green Community Dog and Litter Solutions
    To be discussed at the December meeting
  4. Finance
    a. Receipts
    The following receipts were noted
     Lloyds Bank interest, £0.36

b. Payments
The following payment were authorised:
 C.Campos October Salary £184
 HMRC October PAYE £46
Use of Church for Defib Training £30
All approved
c. Financial Report
Allocated reserves £8431.33
General Fund £9507.52
Total £17,938.85
a Clerk – No action needed
b Tree Warden – No Report
c Defibrillators – Cllr Kirkland reported that all the Defibs were up and running apart from the one in the
village which has been sent back for repair

d Volunteer Emergency Telephone System – Cllr Ronson reported that the training day on 26 th October
went very well although she is very open to holding future training days in other locations. There were 17
attendees with 14 signed up for the VETS scheme across the Parish but we are still awaiting information as
to when the scheme goes live. Maps still needed for Cornworthy and East Cornworthy. She would like to
organise further training and will get costs for this. First Aid pack should also be with the Defib units and so
three will be ordered.
e Village Hall – None received however the Council reiterated their desire to hold an open public meeting
where the case for a new village hall would be made along with the Village Hall Committee putting the case
for retaining the current hall. This would then be decided by an independently run referendum. Cllr McKay
to send information on how this would work.
f Climate Change – None received
g South Hams District Council Councillor – Cllr McKay reported that since SHDC has taken refuse collection
back in house the service has improved with fewer missed collections. SHDC is also in relatively good
financial shape. He also referred to the ongoing uncertainly over Baltic Wharf in Totnes
h Devon County Councillor -None received
12.Items for December Agenda
Appointment of Clerk
CPC Diversity Policy
Eco Green Poo Bags
Coronation Working Group (for reports section)

  1. Current SHDC enforcement cases – No Updates

The next Parish Council Meeting is on Monday 12 th December 2022 at 8.00pm

100 Club Draw
45,87 and 155