Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting of Cornworthy Parish Council

 held at Furzehill to  discus 2021/22 Budget and Precept

on Wednesday 23rd December 2020 at 12 noon 

                                    *NB. Strict social distancing guidelines observed throughout.

                        Present:  Cllrs: Kirkland (Chairman), Bradley, Hunt, Worthington

                        In Attendance: Linda Maby (Clerk)

1.0   Budget Discussion

            1.1 Clerk advised that a few extra items needed to be considered namely,

            a)allowing for a monthly subscription for ZoomPro to allow for videoconferencing for future meetings      until the Covid19 restrictions are lifted. This would be £11.99 per month (+VAT).  Cllr Bradley         suggested that this would equate to the savings made in not using the village hall for meetings.

            b) Whether to allow for asset maintenance..It was suggested that  £200 should be allowed for the Defibrillator. All were in agreement

            1.2 Other, than the above, councillors were happy that the proposed budget figures were appropriate to present to the January meeting for approval.

2.0  Precept Discussion

            2.1 Councillors discussed the precept amount for 2021/22and all were in agreement,especially given the current financial climate, that the precept should remain the same as the previous year ie. £7,500

3.0 Asset Register

     3.1 Clerk advised that she was researching  the best way to present the value of Assets and all agreed that Assets should be checked in due course. Clerk  will present a new format for the register before this.

4.0 100 December and Christmas Club Draws


1st: Mr D Aslin; 2nd:Mrs J Appleton; 3rd: Mrs V Tozer


1st: Mrs Holly Tuppen; 2nd:Mr & Mrs Woollard 3rd: Miss C Munro

The meeting  closed at 12.30pm

The next Parish Council Meeting is on Monday 11th January  2021 at 8.00 pm