The draft minutes can be read below:


DRAFT Minutes of the Meeting of Cornworthy Parish Council held in St Peters Church on Monday 4 July 2022 at 8:00 p.m.

Open Forum:

No matters raised by members of the public.

Vacancy for a Parish Councillor

The legal notices which give members of the public an opportunity to call for an election will be posted by the Clerk. After the notice period has passed the Council will plan to advertise the vacancy and asked the Clerk to invite written applications to be received by approximately 10 days before the Agenda is sent out.


Cllrs Kirkland (Chairman), Cllr Bradley, (Vice Chairman), Cllr Hunt, Cllr Ronson; and Cllr Worthington.

In Attendance: Mrs L Maby (Clerk); Ms Annette Thom (Clerk).

Two members of the public.

1.0 Preambles

1.1 Emergency Exits

1.2 Apologies

Apologies were received from CPCCllr Fry, Devon County Council Cllr Hawkins, and South Hams District Council Cllr J Mc Kay.

2.0 Declarations of Interest

None declared.

3.0 Minutes

3.1 Approval of Minutes

It was agreed to approve the Minutes of the Cornworthy Parish Council Meeting held on 6 June 2022.

4.0 Matters Arising from the Minutes

4.1 Dog Fouling in the Village

Cllr Kirkland has met with SHDC’s Dog Officer. There are existing legal Orders which require dogs to be on a lead and owners to carry a bag to collect dog fouling. Breaches can be reported to SHDC, with initial fines of £100 which can increase to £1,000. In order to reduce dog fouling in the village the advice of the Dog Officer will be implemented in a campaign to raise awareness of the requirements: article in the Parish Magazine, notices on noticeboards, SHDC’s signs placed near Bow Wood and at entrances to the villages. The Public Space Protection Orders will be posted on the website and the Facebook page. Extracts from the PSPOs will be used in the Notices.

4.2 Meeting with Western Power – Provision of Power for Greener Alternatives

Western Power will attend a public meeting in St Peter’s Church on Monday 4 September at 7:00 pm. This is an opportunity to ask questions. It has been arranged to discuss issues with provision of power for EV charging points and air source heat pumps. Residents have to pay for the road closure however if they wait for the upgrades they don’t have to pay.

The meeting to interview candidates for co-option was moved to 30 August at 8 p.m.

4.3 Volunteer Emergency Telephone System

At least five volunteers are sought for each of the three defibrillator locations (Allaleigh, East Cornworthy, and Cornworthy). It was resolved to choose VETS x 3 for Communities at a cost of £225 per year, to start when volunteers are in place, and to ask if the system can be operated with fewer than five volunteers. Cllr Ronson will action this.

5.0 Local Issues

5.1 Current enforcement cases

The Clerk was asked to chase with SHDC Cllr McKay.

5.2 Parishioners Letters

CPC has received a letter about how scramble bikes and 4*4 are being used on Willow Lane. It has been forwarded on to DCC. Willow Lane is an unclassified road. DCC is the responsible authority. It was agreed to ask the Clerk to reply that Willow Lane is a road within the village 20 mph zone, the enquiry has therefore been passed on to DCC and is awaiting reply. CPC is sorry not to be able to be a great deal of assistance.

5.3 Official appointment of new Clerk

Deferred to the end of the meeting.

5.4 Clerk’s leave request and leave arrangements

Deferred to the end of the meeting.

6.0 Highways

The meeting was told that two potholes had been missed by a repair team which visited the Parish and that there is a pothole at the back end of the golf course half way along Ridge Lane.

7.0 Planning

7.1 South Hams District Council’s Planning Decisions

The following decision was noted:

8.0 Finance and Records

8.1 Receipts

(a)The following receipt was noted:

7p bank interest, 9 June 2022

8.2 Payments

(a) The following payment was noted: £287.30 to Mrs L Maby, Clerk’s Salary for June.

(b) It was resolved to approve the payment of £76.10 to Mrs L Maby, Reimbursement of Expenses 1st quarter 2022/23.

(c) It was resolved to agree the payment of £30.00 to St Peter’s Church Cornworthy for June meeting room hire paid w/c 27/6/22.

(d) The reimbursement of a Parishioner for Jubilee picnic music (cheque 805) was supported.

8.3 Report on Financial Position

The following information was noted:

Bank Balanceat 7/6/2022: Total £17,903.68, Current account £9,838.85, and Savings account £8,064.83.

Allocated: Cornworthy PC £17,444.79, Charlecombe Wood £108.01, and P3 £350.88.

8.4 Bank Mandate

It was resolved to add the new Clerk, Ms A Thom, to the bank mandate.

9.0 Reports

9.1 Clerk

L Maby, Clerk, reported that the Public Rights notice for the 21/22 Audit has been posted. The marquee, two signposts, and the Jubilee stone have all-risks cover on CPC’s insurance policy. The annual insurance premium has been paid (late because the broker did not send the renewal). CPC must ensure that the marquee is fit for purpose. Hirer’s liability can be added. A contract is required if a charge is made for its use. It was resolved that the marquee would be made available for community use.

9.2 Tree Warden

The Woodland Trust is carrying out its next survey of Green Close and Charlecombe of Charlecombe Woods in the autumn. The current strategy is to leave standing deadwood. CPC awaits the report in the autumn.

9.3 Defibrillators

The East Cornworthy defibrillator will be located between the postbox and the grit bin on the wall. Cllr Hunt will put it up. The Allaleigh defibrillator is registered with the national defibrillator network.

9.4 Village Hall

Cllr Hunt reported that the Village Hall Committee is concentrating on refurbishing the existing hall which is different to what was discussed in the June meeting of CPC. Cllr Hunt said he met with a negative response and will be resigning from the Committee.

It was resolved to ask the Clerk to write to the Village Hall Committee to say that CPC is willing to set up a working group to investigate the new build option on the Committee’s behalf, on the understanding that both the new build and refurbishment routes will be assessed and the two options presented to the Parish; as decided in the public meeting and explained to the June meeting of CPC.

9.5 Climate Change

Deferred in the absence of Cllr Fry.

9.6 South Hams District Council Councillor

Deferred in the absence of SHDC Cllr McKay.

9.7 Devon County Council Councillor

Deferred in the absence of DCC Cllr Hawkins.

10.0 Correspondence/Invitations and Items For September Agenda

10.1 Energy efficiency measures for low income households

Low-income households are able to apply for grants for energy efficiency improvements to their homes worth thousands of pounds. The information will be shared on the community website, Facebook page, and in the Parish Magazine.

11.0 100 July & Summer Club Draws

The numbers drawn were 167, 53, 11, 135, 70, and 79.

12.0 Employment Matters

12.1 Official appointment of new Clerk

It was resolved to appoint A Thom to fill the vacancy for a CPC Clerk & RFO.

12.2 Clerk’s leave request and leave arrangements

The leave requested 25/7-19/8/22 was approved.

12.3 Contract discussion

The clause requiring approval by CPC of any other employment of the Clerk will be deleted, the second line contact for grievances will be the Vice-Chair and then the Full Council, references to policies which CPC does not currently have will also refer to relevant legislation and Government guidance. CPC will opt into the NEST pension scheme with an employer contribution of 3% of the salary.

The next monthly Parish Council Meeting is on Monday 5 September 2022 at 8.00 p.m.

The meeting closed at 21:42.