November Minutes 2020

November Minutes 2020


Minutes of Cornworthy Parish Council Meeting

 held in Cornworthy Village Hall

on Monday 2nd November 2020 at 8.00 pm       

                                    *NB. Strict social distancing guidelines observed throughout.

Draft Minutes subject  to change at next meeting

                        Present:  Cllrs: Kirkland (Chairman), Bradley, Hunt, Matthews, Worthington

            In Attendance: Linda Maby (Clerk), County Councillor Hawkins

            Open Forum:  Members of the public were invited to send any representations prior to this meeting by e mail to  

1.0  Preambles            

 1.1 Apologies: Cllrs Carver and Fry; District Councillor McKay

2.0  Declarations of Interest : Cllr Kirkland item 8.2 (b)

3.0  Minutes

3.1  TheMinutesfrom the Parish Council Meeting held 5th October 2020 were approved by all and duly          signed by Chairman Cllr Kirkland.

4.0   Matters Arising from Minutes

      4.1  (Item 5.3) Clerk confirmed that paperwork had arrived to claim £250 each from SHDC and Devon    CC Localities Funds towards the cost  of the new laptop. Clerk to complete

       4.2 (Item6.1) A meeting was held in Cornworthy on Wednesday 7th October with Lisa Edmonds from Devon County Highways to discuss repairs needed to the highway and drainage  from the church to      Furzehill Cross as well as other highways issues in the parish. Highways have noted all issues. Cllr Hunt agreed to carry out a pro tem measure on the road to Furzehill Cross to divert the running water.

5.0 Local Issues    

       5.1 Enforcement cases : one new case which was discussed amongst councillors.

       5.2 Parishioners Letters : correspondence received from parishioner in  Allaleigh asking whether

            the Parish Council is planning to speak at the Development Management Committee meeting on November 4th regarding planning application 0704/20/FUL at Higher Venice Barn, and the proposed  use of the unmetalled track as the new access route to the barn conversion. Cllr McKay has taken   a video of the track to show the committee members.  Cllr Kirkland has agreed to attend this ‘digital’ meeting.

        5.3 Village Christmas Tree : Cllr Kirkland proposed the idea of the parish council supplying a large   Christmas Tree located  outside the Village Hall together with lights on a timer. Kelvin Gitsham has agreed to install an electrical socket in the Hall which can be blanked off after use until next Christmas. Clerk hassourced  a 10 foot tree and a re-usable half barrel from Bugford Nurseries for £90 whilst Cllr    Hawkins agreed to help with the sourcing of the lights and timer for approximately £75.The idea was seconded by  Cllr Hunt and everyone was  in agreement. Clerk to progress and   use Facebook and Noticeboards to advise when lights will be switched on. Cllr Kirkland advised that  Elly Finn has agreed to organise a children’s competition to make waterproof tree decorations.

        5.4 Covid19 2nd wave response : cllrs discussed the use of previous posters and volunteer lists, should       they be needed, as well as the supply of Food  Bags from Dartmouth Food Bank. Clerk to enquire whether the church porch could be used as an appropriate pick up point for the bags which would   be supplied by Cllr Hawkins who agreed to bring 3 bags to begin with.

        5.5 Grants for laptop : see 4.1 above

        5.6 Items required for new website (secure certificate £24 per annum) / laptop (Windows package £75):

            Cllr Kirkland stressed that the purchase of these items was necessary to set up the new   laptop. Proposed by Cllr Bradley and seconded by Cllr Hunt.

6.0 Highways

        6.1 Meeting with DCC Highways : see above

        6.2:Cllr Hunt advised he had carried out some temporary work to the road from the church to Furzehill Cross to cope with the excessive water flowing there until Devon CC Highways can  address the problem more substantially. Clerk has advised Highways.

       6.3 Cllr Hunt asked that a police incident report is filed concerning the finger post at Kerswell    which has come down again with evidence of deliberate tampering. Clerk to progress.

7.0 Planning


            7.1 3, Priory View, Cornworthy TQ97HN2907/20/HHO Householder application for retaining front  wall and creation of  parking space (respond by12/11/20). COMMENT Cllrs wished to comment that          they had no objection to this application.      

           Additional Items

            7.2 Higher Venice Barn”, Allaleigh, Blackawton, Totnes 0704/20/FUL Conversion of barn to dwelling and associated landscaping This planning application is being presented to the Development            Management Committee at 11.00am on  4th November 2020 held remotely, via skype.

8.0 Finance and Records

            8.1 Receipts

            (a) 7p bank interest -as at 9th October  2020

            8.2 Payments

            (a) £276.90- Mrs L Maby– Clerk’s Salary for October 2020

  •             (b)  £45.00 – Mrs P Kirkland – Easy Start WordPress

             Payments proposed by Cllr Kirkland and approved by Cllr Matthews.

           8.3 Bank Balance at 19/10/2020

            Total : £23,997.94 Current Account :£15,934.46 Savings Account  £8,063.48

            Allocated:    Cornworthy PC: £ 23,033.05

                                Charlecombe Wood: £108.01  P3: £856.88                                                                         

9. Reports

9.1 Clerk : clerk will issue a budget ‘package’ to councillors well before the next meeting which will    outline financial reserves available. Clerk also advised that the AGAR has been completed by the external auditors.

9.2 Tree Warden : none

9.3 Defibrillator : all working fine                 

9.4 Village Hall : Cllr Carver absent

9.5 Climate Change Emergency : Cllr Fry absent 

9.6 District Councillor : absent

       9.7 County Councillor: Cllr Hawkins advised that -there were financial packages available for people in   need because of Covid – recycling centres will remain open during lock down – the Dartmouth Health   and Well Being Centre planning application and eventual build has been held up because of      Covid and is scheduled to begin in Spring 2022.

10.0 Correspondence/Invitations & Matters for December Agenda

      10.1Councillor Advocate Scheme : The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Councillor     Advocate Scheme have asked that we nominate a councillor. They advise that  joining the    scheme is a great opportunity to share community safety messages and liaise with the police in our  communities. The advocacy scheme provides an ability to read and share messages from Devon     and Cornwall police about relevant issues such as the police response to Covid-19. Cllr Kirkland  agreed to act as advocate.

     10.2 Waste Management/Missed Bins: many households have had either bins or recycling bags left    uncollected under the new system. Cllr Hawkins suggested that Cllr McKay is made aware and to    contact if it’s an ongoing problem. Clerk to pursue.

11.0 100 November Club Draws

1st: Mr and Mrs Sherwood; 2nd:Mrs T Scanlan; 3rd: Mrs V Tozer

The meeting  closed at 8.50pm

The next Parish Council Meeting is on Monday 7th December 2020 at 8.00 pm